Saturday, March 24, 2007


I respect you as a friend, a great wife, a strong woman and especially as a wonderful mom.
What I experienced yesterday made me realise that giving birth is no joke. Not that I ever thought it was easy but seeing you in so much pain yet so brave throughout the whole thing really put a lot into perspective for me. The whole time you stayed strong, positive, and you tried to stay in control as much as you could. You will forever be an example for me in time of trouble.And seeing the beautiful baby that you gave birth to also made it all worthwhile. I love who you are and how well you deal with things. Witnessing that miracle with you was a privilege.
And u my friend were so brave I am glad I have a positive image of such an experience.And its all thanks to you. You were wonderful
I love you, I love the mom that you are ...
And once again Praise the Lord !


I know I just came back from a trip... Its probably why my mind is still wondering outside this city, this province and even this country. I can't wait to go back to Paris, to share the smells, the food, the city, the ambiance with my loved one. I cant wait to take him to the Parisian McDonalds so he can have a beer there with his cheeseburger... Cant wait to walk through the Champs Elisées while munching on a warm chocolate crepe bought at the street corner. Cant wait to go to the Eiffel tower with him, experience the restaurant as well as the rusty metallic structure that has made Paris so famous! Cant wait to get on the TGV - to experience the "Tunnel channel" then arrive in London just in time to hop on the underground to Hainault where we can finally relaxe at my aunt's house and chew on some sweet and salty popcorn.
Cant wait....

I love u and I miss you

I miss you so much....
There isn't a single day that goes by without me thinking of you, of our time together (however short) but like you said "its the quality and not the quantity that matters."
I completely agree, you can't imagine what an email from you or a text message from you is worth! Any contact from you makes my day, I sit here daydreaming about the next time we meet, wondering how long its going to take to see you, to chat and laugh with you.
Everything is so easy with you, you start a topic and I fully understand it and I already know where you're going with it... And sometimes its hard for me to communicate how totally in sync I feel with you without making myself redundant!! And even when we disagree its a pleasure to know what you have to say about your point of view because I respect your opinions and I know they are founded on solid morals.
Instead of focusing on you not being here physically I try to tell myself that some people will go their entire lives without even thinking it's possible to have someone so close to them. I have decided to count my blessings instead of lamenting myself day after day.
I am grateful to have experienced and to continue experiencing such a deep, intimate and loving friendship.
I thought I'd dedicate you this post.

I love you

ur sis

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random 1 - cartoons

Sometimes when I am not feeling my best nothing makes me feel better than a nice cartoon. It makes me laugh, it teaches me lessons and its so deep I find.
I love the songs and the jokes. I cant watch most movies many times but I will watch a cartoon over and over without ever getting tired of it.
I watched Lion King so many times I knew every single song and everything said in that movie.
Same thing with Anastasia, Mulan, Aladin, Hercules, The little mermaid, Pocahontas, Lilo and Stich.... and so on.
Weirdly enough Mary Poppins is still one of my favorite movies, I need to buy the DVD and get excited all over again... ♪ just a spoon full of sugar ♪ makes the medicine go....♪

What are your favorite cartooooons?

Friday, December 01, 2006

The perfect husband I

Be ready people this is going to be a ridiculously long post lol... or maybe I should do a part "deux". I woke up this morning thinking "I have the perfect husband", and I am sure a lot of wives think the same thing. So what I did was I googled 'perfect husband' just to see what people thought, and I got this post that I am going to copy and paste so you guys can read it:

I have the best husband in the world
I don’t watch movies. I hate movies because I am a realist and I find it very difficult to escape into fantasy when I know that the movie is not real. But then again I am odd.
However, every now and then I will watch a video if there absolutely nothing else to do. There is one line from a movie that had a profound effect on me. It was when Robin Williams was speaking to Matt Damon about his deceased wife in Good Will Hunting. He was telling Matt how happy they were etc and Matt said ‘she sounds perfect, was she?’. (I think they were speaking about whether you could live happily ever after with a life partner). And Robin said something like “no, she wasn’t perfect, she burped or farted (or whatever, can’t remember, not important), but she was perfect for me”.
Wow. That was so enlightening for me. Silly maybe, but I had always wondered the same thing. No one was perfect therefore would I ever find the ‘one’? This was obviously before meeting my husband.
I now know I have the perfect husband for me. He is not perfect by a long shot. He is stubborn, he is totally unromantic and undemonstrative. He does not say I love you very much, he does not talk about feelings, we hardly hug or kiss, we are just not touchy feely people. If I say ‘give me a kiss’, he will (half-jokingly) say ‘but I gave you a kiss this morning’. In fact we each have our own 'half' of the bed and the other person is not allowed to come in your half. Many nights you will hear a screetch "your foot is in my half". I have got up to measure the bed with a tape measure before, to work whether his foot was really in my half or not. My friends think we are a very odd couple. But he is perfect for me. He is exactly the kind of husband I need.
In the beginning, when we first got married, he was very strict, very hard. After a BFN he would get upset with me for getting upset, he would shout at me “if this is how you are going to react then I am not going through this again”. Over the years he has grown and changed so much.

I totally relate with this woman even though I've only been married for 2 months and from her background I realise she's been marrie dfor 5 years. This morning I had a question when I woke up so I called my husband and asked him about it, and I was amazed at the way he answered me and took care of my heart. It just hit me that we truly have a great connection. He is not perfect, he's perfect for me !!! And there are so many things about my husband that someone else might not get and same with me yet together its like I am a reflection of him and he's a reflection of me because of how easily we understand each other. I will continue searching and researching what people say about the perfect husband, and to a certain extent the perfect marriage (even though there is no such thing). I'll keep looking !!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

thoughts on friends

Lately I was told by three different people that I was their best friends, and this happened on the same day... Yup I was flattered. Then it got me thinking about people who I had considered friends and why somehow people just drift apart. There isn't usually a reason, its just that one day you wake up and you realise that I am not really friends with so and so anymore and you try to figure out how you could have avoided it... So I came up with couple of things that I've noticed....
Some people claim to be your friends when its easy! What I mean is, the proximity factor has a lot to do with who you think is your friend.. How many times have I really felt close to someone but then I later realise that the only reason we were so close is because we had to see each other frequently and as soon as circumstances are different its like its too much work for them to pick up the phone and say hey or even email from time to time. I dont claim to be the perfect friend, I've felt bad for not calling back or for not responding to an email when I should have.
This brings me to my next point, another reason I've seen friendships die is simply due to the fact that whatever kept your friendship together doesn't exist anymore. Maybe it was a certain lifestyle or maybe it was because you were both someone else's friend (that one is a frequent one!) but whatever it was isnt' there anymore. Or sometimes I am sure the person just looses interest in their old friend, or they have another "friend" so they can't really manage more than one friend at once - sad if you ask me but oh well...
Sometimes I try hard to keep all of them close to me, I call, I text , I email and at first I am in denial then I realise that if I didn't do anything nothing would happen and as hard as it might be I let go... and then a couple of weeks go by and I try again lol... its pathetic....

On a brighter topic, I am glad I have friends who have kept in touch for 10 years or more no matter which continent they are on. I am glad there are people out there who actually make an effort to keep writing, to keep calling even its just once in a while to let me know they care! It makes me smile when someone just calls me out of the blue especially when I haven't heard from them in a while. I dont want to sound like those stupid forwards but friendships need to be nourished or they slowly fade away.I have to say the proximity factor does keep together friendships that would have died otherwise.... Thats why I find it a nice challenge when its not that easy to see or meet a friend, because I wonder what will happen....
Yeah those were my thoughts on friends for today.... I guess I better send this now and go take more calls

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"I hate when someone says "I just knew" or "He's The One". WHY? If you can't articulate an answer, I'm pretty sure it's because none exists. What happens if in 5 years you meet someone and feel a greater connection or you realize you were wrong and this new guy is obviously The One (which is another concept I'm not impressed with)."
one word Tina "AMEN"
I want to kiss and hug you right now b/c I have repeatedly said that to people and yes most of them have gotten upset with me then realised later on that I was right. Everyone wants someone good. Every single girl I've ever talked to wants someone who "loves" them, "loves" kids. But for some reason they just leave it at that. I always point out that there are an endless number of guys that could meet those prereqs. I also realise that the level of maturity determines people's choices too. I mean most teenagers dream about dating the guy who is "cool", who’s fun, who everyone wants to be with which is fine at that age. BUT it is sad when someone gets older and they still don’t understand what is good and what they need. Overtime females should start to realise that they actually need someone whose life will mesh with theirs, their goals, what they consider important in life. As Kristin mentioned everyone wants something different, not everyone wants someone with a career etc etc. The point is that the two of you agree on where you’re headed!! However, evolutionary speaking you want to be with a mate who will increase your chances of survival and help you provide for the kids (and who hopefully will stick around long enough to help you raise them), no matter how he does it * (hoping its legal haha). Another point I want to bring up is that most women out there know there is better but they fear that if they let go what’s presented to them they will end up alone boo hoo so might as well go for the bloke who is showing me love even tho we don’t really know where we’re going or what we’re doing. There are a lot of reasons people jump into relationships for no apparent reasons and thats NEVER GOOD. Especially if they can only come up with "I felt attracted to them". I dont know how physical attraction without anything else will get them through 20, 30 or 40 years of marriage. If only we knew we deserved and could get better than the first guy who just happens to be there when we are feeling lonely and who shows us attention and "love", we would avoid a lot of heartache. I mean I always used to say technically there are so many guys I could have dated for years, sweet, smart loving guys (because I mean it has to be someone I can at least have intellectual convos with otherwise shoot me) – hell I could have been happily married to one of them. Statistically speaking so many of us could have ended up with someone different had the circumstances being different why? Because it all depends on what we thought at the time was a “good relationship”… or if we were “wanting to get with a guy asap” or whatever motivation we might have had. Most people give more thoughts to the new car they are looking to buy than to the man they are thinking about marrying because I mean “he looooves me” he’s such a sweetheart! Arghhhhh…. Moving on…….
I also believe that movies, TV shows, songs and pretty much anything out there is meant to make us feel like "love" is all that matters-this “love” of course is usually portrayed as pure physical attraction - I mean do you ever wonder about all those romantic movies, where they always start off protraying the current girlfriend as being anti-social and weird. And the “new” chick is cool, fun and understands the guy SO WELL even though they have just met. And man the connection that they have is priceless and he kisses the new chick and somehow whatever relationship that he had with his girlfriend (and usually fiancé because at that point they are about to get married) just crumbles in a matter of weeks if not days. And the ending is great because finally he’s with the “one”. By the way this started off as a comment on Tina’s blog but it was getting outrageously long since this topic gets to me. So I figured I might as well post!!!
Yeah well that’s (that being all this rubbish about how relationships are supposed to start and what that ‘feeling’ is, how we should be able to dump our fiancé after meeting a girl who’s cute and really gets us!) what we’re feeding our society then yes, we have to deal with the consequences of bad decision making based on emotions and not much else.
And this comes from an emotional person - :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

MARRIAGE : the love story

Yup I am back.. 2 mnths later ! I have been busy ... I am getting married in a couple of months (6 to be exact) and that may seem like a long time but trust me in terms of wedding plans its nothing. Most of my friends are actually surprised that I am getting married this year.. To be honest two years ago I didn't know I would get married this year!!! And I have had to answer the "How did you know he was the one?" question a million times by now. I realised that I have always had a positive view of marriage. I mean I was raised by a single mom so its not like I had a lot of role models in terms of marriage but despite what the entire world as well as the media threw at me ... I had faith I knew that it would be a sweet thing and I wanted that companionship! Throughout my teenage years I was always the "serious one" when it came to relationships... I couldnt just accept the the logic of dating for the sake of dating. Yeah I know its crazy!! But I like to think it saved me time and heartaches... I did tend to have a lot of guy friends so maybe what other girls who were my age were trying to make up for I already had , due to my closeness to guys, having mostly guys as best friends...because I always understood the guys' point of view.. which of course quickly turned me into a tomboy! Anyhow I was talking about marriage!!! So again.. I was best friends with my current fiance... It was impossible for us to be anymore similar or understand each other any better without actually being the same person!!! The one thing that always bugged me was being hit on by a guy.... I always thought (still think so) that it was the worse thing that could happen to me. You're probably wondering why? Well I like to understand to really know people and when a guy hits on me its just a front that he's putting up so that I can like him AND then get to discover him. There is something seriously wrong about that.. what I like is to know the guy, see him in his environment, like the real him and if I fall.. LET IT BE because at least I am falling for the real him. Nothing frustrated me more than having a guy tell me all this sweet, superficial stuff that I didn't feel impressed by. Now something really perfect happened between my Steve (my fiance) and I, we respected each other without being biased by our feelings. Stephen and I were both at different stages in our life, dating other people yet we saw each other potential, I'd joke about how he would be a great dad and a wonderful husband. And he'd tell that I really would be a great wife. We saw each other for who we really were. That was something I had been wanting my whole life, genuinely seeing someone for who they were without being emotionally involved. Now there are a lot of guys out there who are going to be great husbands but the fact that I saw in Steve a great husband was because of my perception of what a husband should be.. and the same goes for him. Of course much later, when we were single we started developing and just growing intense feelings for one another. And it got to the point where it was just too obvious to ignore or to let go of.. and it wasn't superficial .. so I couldnt get out of it by thinking "well how do I know what he's really like" because I did. I had always known what a great guy he was.. Never doubted it one second. Well .. to cut the story short.... I also knew that he had the qualities that I wanted in a future husband, in my future babies' daddy! Sometimes its just so unbelievable how he fits my "bill" .. Its so crazy... and I think that the fear that people have when they get married stems from their perception of what marriage is and also from their fear of discovering someone else. So I am not going to tell you all "Follow your heart" or "You'll know" . Because you are the one who determines which type of person and then when you meet them you will know and if its really what you want .. its highly probable that you will be ALL OVER THAT person. Steve and I have been together for hmmm ... lemme see... more than a year and yess I still feel those butterflies in my stomach... I still feel horrible when I know I am not going to see him... Everyone knows about communication in a relationship and all those important things that are written in every single relationship book but I guess I just wanted to tell you all that just like anything else a husband (aka best friend) is someone thats going to be there with you for the rest of your life... So make a WISE choice not purely based on emotions otherwise one day someone else might make you feel stronger emotions than what? .... I didn't know I was going to get married in September 2006, i didn't know I was going to be Mrs Jacobs .. but I knew what I wanted.. I knew what I needed and I found it. And I am so sure .... I am realistic about it but I know my baby and I know we'll have rough times but we'll stick together and thats the most comforting feeling in the world. Much love and kisses !!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Imaginative names

I was doing some research online when I came across this cool study that was done at Boston College. Marketing professors looked at the positive response consumers have to imaginative names, even when they dont really describe the product. I wondered if I am the same and I realised that to a certain extent we are influenced by the name of the product especially if its unknown and ambiguous. Apparently people like to choose products with imaginative names so they feel as though they put some thoughts into making that decision. It kind of makes sense because nobody wants to think of themselves as been brainwashed by the marketing industry.. and yet they are constantly finding ways to fool us. Now the whole point is to make us feel like we know what we're doing.. Personally I do like to think about what I'm buying and why I'm buying it. What's making me buy a certain product over another etc. "The researchers also wanted to examine the effect of these product names in connection with incongruency theory. This theory argues that people make judgments by evaluating new encounters against existing expectations." Think about that: how many times do we try to figure out why a product has a certain name and wonder what it has to do with the flavor or with anything at all?!? This only works to a certain extent, if the name is too ambiguous it frustrates the consumer (Don't you agree???) .. Check out the study and tell me what you all think !!